The Restaurant
Fancy Crab brings original dining to the heart of London.
The restaurant
The Red King Crab is a luxurious, unique delight. The Fancy Crab chefs have created a variety of dishes for you to enjoy, including burgers, salads, and many other main courses. Our menu is a treasure for every fresh seafood connoisseur.

The Red King Crab is not the only thing we serve; you can also treat yourself to oysters, octopus, fish or shellfish. All with imaginative and tasty sides, designed to compliment each dish in its own way.

We put all our imagination, passion and enthusiasm into the restaurant. At Fancy Crab, we have created a place where you can enjoy food, service and comfort alike.

In 2018, Fancy Crab was awarded the 'Best Designed Casual Dining Restaurant', this was a national award and something that the team are very proud of. So you can be sure that not just the food, but also the setting are award winning quality.